What we do

Though we specialize in animated content (both 2D and 3D) our collective experience in many different mediums has led us to produce books and stills for print, music, interactive content, live action / studio shoots, visual effects, and other types of creative work.

Who we work with

We work equally with agencies (as a traditional production company) and with companies direct as a (increasingly full-service) agency. We love both experiences and are comfortable living in either world.

A lot of the work we do has been for technology brands, though we don’t consider that to be a limiting factor in creating something that can be both informative and entertaining. We believe there are interesting and creative ways to tell any story.

Scott Oliphant
Principal / Creative Director

Scott Oliphant started the company in the summer of 2010 after 11 years in the industry. He recently left the land of tex-mex (sadly) and 5 month summers (gladly) to open a 2nd office in the pacific northwest where he can wear flannel shirts 9 months a year and spend his non-work time in the cascades taming bears and perfecting his elk call.

Joshua Rosenquist
Associate Creative Director

Josh Rosenquist brings many years of industry experience to the table and wears many Impossible hats–from writer to editor to animator to technical director. His very first animated film was stop-motion and involved a super 8 camera, GI Joe action figures, and scotch tape (the scotch tape was nominated for best supporting roll at the New England Film Festival in 1987.)

Katherine Sternat

Kathy Sternat joined the company as a producer in 2013 after several years expertly herding cats in the tech industry. A fledgling grammarian and longtime animation enthusiast, she now fuses these passions finding new and creative ways to hound the animators, with her hound “Sputnik” by her side.

Christopher Chiles

Chris, once thought to be only a myth, answered the call of the impossible engine (after an exemplary recommendation from his professors at ACC which led to a mutually beneficial internship). With the ability to traverse the very fabric of time and space, the depths of knowledge he can conjure bring forth an endless wave of inspiration and creativity.

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